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True To The Core. EcoStone™ Decorative Surfaces is a solid, color-through compact laminate that comes in ten colors drawn from the natural environment. Its color-through structure is well suited to virtually any cutting and finishing technique while retaining the integrity of its full color saturation. Manufactured with 100% recycled core paper, this surface is durable and heat and stain resistant. EcoStone™ decorative surfaces are available in .50”, .75”, and 1.00” thicknesses.

Description: The EcoStone™ process follows a similar process to HPL, however, EcoStone™ is composed of many layers of paper (100% core recycled paper) that is saturated with phenolic resin and compressed under extreme heat and pressure to create a thick, durable, color-through, compact laminate.

Applications: EcoStone™ Decorative Surfaces is perfect for both commercial and residential applications. The durability makes it an ideal surface for kitchen and bathroom countertops, tabletops, as well as laboratory, offices, toilet partitions and commercial surfaces.

10 solid colors, 5 finishes
3 thicknesses: 0.5” (13 mm), 0.75” (19 mm), 1.0” (25 mm)